Aaron and Amy | Cove, Oregon Wedding | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer

I hope you don’t mind this oh-so-long blog post.  Because I couldn’t narrow this post down anymore.  Aaron and Amy met as kids at a summer camp in Cove, Oregon.  Years later, they reunited as counselors to the same camp.  It was at the camp, under a canopy of tree leaves, that Aaron proposed to Amy.  And it was under this tree that they were married.  The night before the wedding, family and friends gathered to sing camp fire songs and play games together.  They played one game (that I’d never heard of) that involved a baseball bat and a whiffle ball filled with shaving cream.  They sang camp fire songs late into the summer night.  Amy had hoped for an amazing sunset during their ceremony, but on Saturday we woke to thick, black thunderclouds.  All day long, Amy eyed the sky nervously.  And during their portraits, the skies opened and rain and hail pelleted the ground. Everyone was preparing to move the ceremony indoors when the rain and hail stopped and the clouds started to part. And while Amy didn’t quite get the sunset she hoped for, I can’t imagine a more perfect wedding.

Aaron and Amy,  thank you-from the bottom of my heart-for letting me part of such a beautiful celebration.