Jenessa | Moscow, Idaho Maternity Photographer

Jenessa contacted me several months ago and asked if I could take her maternity pictures in Moscow this summer.  I was so excited for our session and had been thinking of different places we could have the shoot.  Little did I know that we would be moving to Boise just weeks before our shoot. I didn’t think it was going to work out.  But we rearranged the date, and we made it happen. And I’m so very glad we did. 

When I was pregnant, I didn’t really get it.  Sam was a big surprise, and I didn’t feel ready. I was scared and nervous. And I was so sick for the first 26 weeks of my pregnancy. I really didn’t grasp that those months were a gift.  It wasn’t until I first held my son in my arms and felt that intense, crazy, all-consuming love that I really appreciated my pregnancy.  I look back on my pregnancy and regret not appreciating the magical time. 

Jenessa, on the other hand, really does get it.  She’s so excited to be a mom, and it shows. She’s just glows.  Her little boy is going to be overwhelmed with love.


The Puente Family at the Boise Train Depot | Boise, Idaho Family Photographer

Get ready for cuteness overload.  This little guy smiled on cue.  Really. I’ve never seen a child in that age range (15 months) actually pose for the camera.  But this little guy was working it.  At least for the first 15 minutes. After that, he found better things to do 🙂

I loved this session.  Courtney and I actually lived together in teh same house in my Junior year of college.  I remember her husband John (her boyfriend at that time) coming over all the time, and I remember thinking that they were so in love and were so good together.  And I thought the same thing during this session.  They are obviously so in love with one another and in so in love with their sweet little boy, Josh.

And here are the pictures to prove it.



Moving | Boise, Idaho Photographer

We are moving for the third time in just over a month. And I am a little tired today. I keep mixing up French and English and saying things that don’t make sense to anyone except maybe Lamine.

 I know I’m behind on blogging.  And I know this is an older shot. But I love it. Because….Well, just look at him. He’s gorgeous. I love his ruddy cheeks, love the way his hand is lying on his chubby belly, and I love knowing that he’s mine to hug and kiss and love on.

Nina and Uriel | Priest River, Idaho Wedding Photographer

You may recognize Nina and Uriel from their engagement session several months ago.  It’s hard to imagine two people more in love.  You don’t need to spend more than five minutes to feel the complete adoration and devotion between the two of them. 

Uriel and Nina met when Uriel came to study in Idaho as a foreign exchange student from France.  Because Uriel is French and Nina is American, they had to endure a long, stressful visa process before Uriel was allowed to re-enter the country to marry Nina.  Due to the complexities of the visa process, they were actually married in an intimate ceremony in November.  But they wanted time to plan a celebration where both families and friends could be involved.

So, on a windy day in early June, beneath the shade of tall pine trees, Nina and Uriel repeated their vows before their friends and families. 

Nina and Uriel, thank you so much for letting me me part of your celebration.

































Love, Sweet, Love. | Idaho Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I met up with Leslie and Justin for a couple’s shoot in Moscow.  Leslie and I went to college together, and although we try to keep in touch, our busy lives prevent us from hanging out too often.  I was so excited for the opportunity to take these pictures for Leslie and Justin. They’ve been married for two and a half years, but they wanted to take the opportunity to take pictures just the two of them.  No real special occasion.  Just a celebration of their love.  I LOVE taking pictures of couples.  And, while, adore weddings, I especially love engagement and couples shoots. I love this act of celebrating love.  These types of pictures aren’t about a venue, a dress, or a cake.  They’re just about you and the person you’ve chosen to have at your side.  And I think that’s pretty special. Don’t you?


Oh, did I mention that in addition to being gorgeous, these two are actually quite the comedians?  It’s true.


What did I tell you?  GORGEOUS!




This next series of photos is special because this is the park where these two got engaged. To be specific, it was by the swings.




Sunrise | Idaho Family Photographer

This morning, my son Samory woke me up at 5:30.   He hadn’t slept well all night, and I groaned when I heard him start to chatter from his crib.  I stayed curled up in bed, hoping that he would drift back to sleep.  The chattering became louder and louder and he eventually let out one loud, long scream to let me know that he no longer wanted to play be himself.  Reluctantly, I pushed away the covers and dragged my feet to Sam’s bedroom.  He was standing there, smiling away.  We hurried to get dressed.  Well, Sam got dressed. At 5:30, I figured I could get away with sweat pants.  We drove a few miles past our apartment and found a little spot just outside one of the local parks.  So glad this little guy woke me up. I don’t take enough pictures of him, and he’s growing up way too fast.



A Lovely Little Family | Boise, Idaho Family Photographer

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the family of a high school friend.  Kara and her husband Justin are one of the sweetest, most in love couples I have ever met. And they were high school sweethearts! How endearing is that?  Now, they have a gorgeous little boy named Rogan and another little boy on the way.  I had such a wonderful time capturing this sweet family in their home.  I could just feel the love among them, and I hope that you can get a sense of that in these images.



Jennifer and Calvin | Boise, Idaho engagement photographer

Jennifer and I went to high school together, but it’s been ages since we’ve seen one another.  I was so happy when she accepted my request to photograph her and Calvin. Oh, and one more thing-Calvin isn’t her fiance-he’s her husband. These two have been married for about eight years but are still so in love. I had so much fun spending the afternoon with this lovely couple.  They have such a beautiful love story, and I think we did a good job capturing a bit of that in these pictures.  Enjoy!