Cassi and Eric | Boise, Idaho Engagement Photographer

Cassi and Eric are the hip, stylish sort of couple that my husband and I aspire to be but can never really pull off.  Really.  We never like what one another is wearing and one of us always thinks they are more with it than the other.  Who knows who’s actually right.  But Cassi and Eric really, truly are stylish. And super cute to top it off.  We had such a lovely evening taking engagement pictures downtown Boise before heading up to Table Rock.

Table Rock is such an iconic place in Boise. I’ve grown up seeing the cross lit up on the hillside, but I’ve never actually been up there until this engagement session.  And boy, it sure didn’t disappoint.  Table Rock itself is beautiful, but I loved the rocky, sage-brush covered hills that surrounded the area.  And to make it even sweeter?  This is where Eric proposed to Cassi.  What did I tell you? Sweet, right?

I can’t wait for their wedding in Boise next year!  Not sure what Cassi is wearing, but Eric promised to wear a bow tie.  Which makes me excited times 10.

Enough of me jabbering on and on.  Now for the pictures!