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Jennifer and Kevin | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Kevin had one of the most moving weddings that I’ve ever had the honor of photographing.  Jennifer called me a couple months before the wedding, and I could immediately hear the stress in her voice.  She explained that she and her fiancé had been engaged for quite some time, but that he was in the military and their wedding had been put on hold due to deployments. He had just gotten back three months before and they just received word that he would be deployed in another two months.  In light of his upcoming deployment, they decided to not put their wedding off any longer.  They set a wedding date just weeks before he would have to leave again.


There is so much I could say about this wedding, but I hope that you can see through these pictures just how much Jennifer and Kevin love one another.  There was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears, but through it all there was so, so much love.  Jennifer and Kevin, thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful wedding day.




Equestrian Styled Shoot | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer

This fall I had the honor of working with some really amazing local vendors on this stunning equestrian styled shoot.  Heidi from Ira and Lucy  thought of this Ralph Lauren inspired equestrian shoot and just ran with it.  I love working with other creatives on projects like this.  The whole shoot was gorgeous, and it was so fun to collaborate with other local vendors!

Model:  Cassandra Hayes

Flowers:  Flowers at Will

Hair and Makeup: Behren’s Artistry

Stationary:  Paperie and Pen

Gown from Heartfelt Bridal 



Garth and Karlie | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer

I usually make every effort to meet a bride and groom prior to their wedding day, but Garth and Karlie were one of the rare cases where that wasn’t possible.  They flew in from New York for their wedding shortly before the wedding day, and the first time I met Karlie was when I walked into their hotel room where they were getting ready. I was immediately struck by her contagious smile and adorable laugh.  I spent the whole day smiling right alongside this gorgeous couple.  After a first look and portraits at the Capitol Building, Garth and Karlie made a pit stop at Lucky 13 Pizza before heading off to their ceremony.  After a quick bit to eat, they rushed to Barber Park.  Surrounded by loved ones, they married in a beautifully personal ceremony at Barber Park in Boise, Idaho.

I could not mention this wedding without mentioning Karen from Ren & Company who orchestrated and designed this gorgeous wedding.  Every detail was magical and perfect!

Boise, Idaho Wedding Photography

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Florist:  Bouquet

Catering:  Three Girl’s Catering

DJ: Sound Wave

Cassi and Eric | Barber Park Wedding | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photography

Oh, this wedding! Cassi and Eric are truly such a special, beautiful couple.  They are so sweet, so genuine, and so very in love.  You may remember them from their engagement session last fall.  I have so had so much fun getting to know them, and photographing their wedding was such as joy and an honor.  The whole day was so personal to who they are as individuals and a couple. Cassi and Eric, thank you so much for trusting me with documenting your beautiful wedding!


Bliss Events did an amazing job coordinating and designing the space!

Kendra and Ray | Crane, Oregon | Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer

This wedding was beautiful and genuine and so full of love, and I could just kick myself for not blogging it months ago.  Kendra and Ray were married on Ray’s family ranch in Crane, Oregon where Ray’s family had lived and ranched for generations.  Kendra got ready in Ray’s mother’s home.  Kendra’s mother, a wonderful pastry chef, made their beautiful (and delicious!) wedding cake.  They held their reception in a friend’s barn just down the road and the decorations were made entirely from items from the ranch and from family and friends.  The whole day, friends and family members worked to prepare the floral arrangements, arrange hay bales into the field, sand prepare food for the reception.  Everyone helped, and everyone celebrated this beautiful couple.