corinne and neal | boise, idaho wedding photographer

When Corinne and Neal first contacted me, they asked if I might be interested in shooting an intimate wedding with 20-25 guests.  Um, yes.  Yes I would. I replied a little more professionally than that, but I confess that I LOVE small weddings.  And small and intimate is the perfect way to describe Corinne and Neal’s wedding.

In the months leading up to the wedding, Corinne and her mother kept echoing the same concern, “I just hope it doesn’t rain…” The days leading up to the wedding were sunny and beautiful. But the morning of the wedding, dark clouds loomed overhead and the rain began to fall as Corinne began getting ready.  As the day progressed, Corinne kept glancing outside nervously, hoping that they wouldn’t have to change their outdoor ceremony location.  All morning long, it rained.  But just when they were about to begin calling the guests to change the location, the sun came out.  And it shone bright and warm as  Corinne and Neal said their vows in the Rose Gardens in Boise, Idaho.

After the ceremony, the reception continued in the backyard where Corinne grew up.  There was food and laughter and hugs and tears.  Just as dinner ended, the rain came back, and the party moved inside.  With everyone standing shoulder to shoulder in the family room, loved ones toasted the newly married couple.  They talked about how Corinne and Neal’s first date and how they went hiking together.  And they talked about how Neal revisited that same spot to ask Corinne to marry him.  They talked about their kindness and their laughter.  And through it all, I felt so thankful to be there.  So thankful that Corinne and Neal had trusted me to document such a beautiful day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And now…for the pictures!