Deann and Derek | Boise, Idaho Engagement Photographer

Deann and Derek have the honor of being one of the only couples that has ever agreed to do a morning session with me. I offer the option of a morning shoot to every couple I shoot, but they are only the second couple EVER to have taken me up on the offer.  And they were fantastic sports.  I love morning sessions for lots of reasons.  It’s cooler, quieter, and the light is gorgeous.  And speaking of gorgeous-I couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous couple.  Just look at them!  They’re adorable.

Despite the early morning start (ahem, 6:30 AM on a Saturday), they were willing to go along with me dragging them all over downtown Boise and through the Boise foothills.

Thanks Deann and Derek for being willing to get up so early.  And for making my job so easy by being so darn cute.


What did I tell you? Adorable!

Since we had such an early start, we grabbed a cup of coffee at Thomas Hammer in downtown Boise.