jonnathan, heidi, and jagger’s sunday morning shoot | boise, idaho lifestyle photographer

you may have noticed a few changes in the blog lately.  i’m simplifying things. stripping away the excess fluff and trying to show you more of what really matters.

and i’d like to kick off the new, simplified blog with this post. because when you’re talking about what really matters-this is it.  family and love and being there for one another no matter what.  and can i also say that i am so in love with the fact that this entire session took place in their heidi and jonnathan’s bedroom?  i love it when a family trusts me enough to do a lifestyle session like this one.

i understand the appeal and the tendency to choose to go to a park or an outdoor space for family pictures, but i hope this session makes a few of you consider doing a lifestyle session.  you don’t need a fancy house or awesome decorations. all that doesn’t matter. what matters is capturing your family in your lives-right now.  these are the moments that you are going to want to remember for the rest of your lives.  an added bonus of lifestyle sessions? kiddos tend to feel more comfortable at home and smiles tend to come more easily and more naturally.

but enough about all that.  on to the pictures!  i hope you love them as much as i do.

oh-one more thing!  i absolutely love that this little boy’s name is jagger. and what a rock star he was! now for the pictures!

by the way, heidi is the co-owner of a super awesome company called Ira and Lucy.  check them out!