Nina and Uriel | Priest River, Idaho Wedding Photographer

You may recognize Nina and Uriel from their engagement session several months ago.  It’s hard to imagine two people more in love.  You don’t need to spend more than five minutes to feel the complete adoration and devotion between the two of them. 

Uriel and Nina met when Uriel came to study in Idaho as a foreign exchange student from France.  Because Uriel is French and Nina is American, they had to endure a long, stressful visa process before Uriel was allowed to re-enter the country to marry Nina.  Due to the complexities of the visa process, they were actually married in an intimate ceremony in November.  But they wanted time to plan a celebration where both families and friends could be involved.

So, on a windy day in early June, beneath the shade of tall pine trees, Nina and Uriel repeated their vows before their friends and families. 

Nina and Uriel, thank you so much for letting me me part of your celebration.