Sunrise | Idaho Family Photographer

This morning, my son Samory woke me up at 5:30.   He hadn’t slept well all night, and I groaned when I heard him start to chatter from his crib.  I stayed curled up in bed, hoping that he would drift back to sleep.  The chattering became louder and louder and he eventually let out one loud, long scream to let me know that he no longer wanted to play be himself.  Reluctantly, I pushed away the covers and dragged my feet to Sam’s bedroom.  He was standing there, smiling away.  We hurried to get dressed.  Well, Sam got dressed. At 5:30, I figured I could get away with sweat pants.  We drove a few miles past our apartment and found a little spot just outside one of the local parks.  So glad this little guy woke me up. I don’t take enough pictures of him, and he’s growing up way too fast.