Take Me Down To The River | Boise, Idaho Engagement Photographer

While we were living in Moscow, I so missed living near the water.  Having grown up in Boise, I took advantage of all the rivers and lakes right in our backyard.  And when I worked in Glacier-more rivers and lakes. And Dakar was surrounded by the sea.  So, yes,  while living on the Palouse, I very much missed the water.  And so did Lamine.  Now that we’re back in Boise, one of our favorite things to do is walk along the greenbelt and dip our toes in the river.

Since we’ve been back, I’ve been wanting to do a session near the river.  I was so happy when these two obliged.

We met early in the morning down on the river bank.  We had the river and the area completely to ourselves.  Just the quiet morning breeze stirring through the trees and the sound of water slipping up the shore.